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Julia Casabona, born in 1991 in Nice (France), is a director, set designer and interdisciplinary artist.


She studied Fine Arts at La Villa Arson (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Nice, France) and specialized with a master's degree in Stage Design and Scenography at the Technical University of Berlin. Julia works in the field of art installations, performing arts and develops concepts for narrative spaces, elaborated with an interdisciplinary and dramaturgical approach. Her predominant motives explore the construction of identity (as individual and collective), autofiction and storytelling strategies, with methods of layering and fragmentation of mediums and architecture. Her focus lies on interventions in public as well as intermediate spaces and staged reality.

Julia’s collaborations include: cooperative work in stage and costume design for Rimini Protokoll (Maxim Gorki Theater), stage design and concept for Angelina Stojčevska (National Theater Oslo and the Dramaten Teater Stockholm, premiere in October 2021), cooperative work in stage design with Janina Audick for Sebastian Baumgarten (Maxim Gorki Theater). Stage & participative concept development with Sasha Davydova for “Дедушка Kosmos” (Maxim Gorki Theater). Highlight: During her art studies, she began working on "Don Quixote: Which was a dream" by Kathy Acker, which led her to a personal work of autofiction based on the reappropriation of Acker's novel. This first project questioned the construction of Love, sexuality and interpersonal dynamics, physical and psychological boundaries within an heterosexual relationship, and the role of fiction as a protective shield. This Corpus of experimentations included scripting, video works, costume design, narrative room, sound collage as well as happenings in public space.


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Location: Berlin, DE

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